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About Dr. Moojan Donaldson:

Dr. Moojan Donaldson received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from California State University of Northridge in 1986. She obtained her Doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1991 from University of Southern California. She then specialized in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy and Psychopharmacology. She worked at USC Norris Cancer Center in Los Angeles and lectured at USC Pharmacy School part time. Her next career move was to Shreveport, Louisiana where she practiced Transplant Pharmacy (renal, liver, pancreas and heart transplant) while she was the acting Clinical Pharmacy Director of 2 sister hospitals, Willis Knighton South and Willis Knighton North. Dr. Donaldson was the acting clinical pharmacist of the Kidney/Liver/Pancreas Transplant Team which consisted of 5 transplant surgeons, medical residents and interns and medical students, an infectious disease MD, nephrologists, pharmacy students, nurses, PT’s, OT’s, and other medical professionals. She served the vital part of being the Drug Information Center of the team. In addition to that task, she was in charge of all antibiotic recommendation and pharmacokinetic dosing needed to protect the post-op patients who had absolutely no immune system due to the administration of the anti-rejection medications after their transplant. She also continued her passion of teaching by becoming a professor at LSU Shreveport School of Nursing where she taught Infectious disease and antibiotic treatment and at the Northeastern Louisiana University Pharmacy School where she taught a variety of Pharmacy subjects. She established a Pharmacy internship and residency program for Northeastern Louisiana University at Willis Knighton while creating numerous Clinical Pharmacy protocols and procedures, many specialty services offered by the pharmacy department and countless pharmacokinetics programs used by almost every single department at Willis Knighton Hospital. Her research work includes representing the pharmacy department at Willis Knighton in a controlled, double blind study comparing 2 anti-rejection medications for liver and kidney transplant patients.

She moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana next where she became the Drug Education Coordinator at St. Patrick Medical Center Teaching Hospital. She also continued to teach medical students and medical interns a variety of pharmacy subjects such as antibiotic treatment, drug pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetics,
anti-coagulation therapy, Epogen and Neupogen therapy, psychopharmacology, and more. She applied and was awarded a scholarship to University of Pittsburgh while at St. Patrick’s Medical Center to learn about dialysis and Epogen and Neupogen therapy. After being certified in this area, she established the first Epogen/Neupogen dosing program at St. Patrick’s Hospital.

She then moved to California where she worked at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital as a Clinical Pharmacist and at Hartnell Behavioral Health as a consultant psychopharmacologist followed by South Valley Pharmacy Services where she established successful clinical programs.

She is certified in the following areas:

Ambulatory Care Pharmacotherapy Residency – 1992 USC School of Pharmacy and ASHP – Accredited Mentor: Mark Gill, Pharm.D.

Minor in Psychopharmacology Residency – 1992 USC School of Pharmacy
Mentor: Glen Stimmel, Pharm.D.

Certified in Nicotine and Alcohol Cessation Program – 1991

Certified in Recovery Concepts – 1992
Cocaine Abuse Program
Intensive instructions and training of biological, motivational, cognitive and conditioned influences operating in the development of cocaine addiction. Included comprehensive examination of the corresponding treatment strategies utilized in the outpatient treatment of cocaine and other chemicals of abuse.

Certified in CPR and Full Physical Examination – 1992

Certified in Epogen dosing and pharmacokinetics – 1994
University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Certified in Nephrology Pharmaceutical Care Preceptorship – 1995

Astra Nutritional Fellowship – 1997 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jansen Pharmaceuticals

Certified in IM injections of Broad Spectrum Long Acting Psychotropics – 2011

California Alzheimer’s Association Certified in Memory Testing – 2012

How Dr. Moojan Donaldson came up with the invention of this remarkable combination solution to hair loss and hair thinning:

I was devastated when I started losing clumps of hair in my mid 40’s. Not only was I losing hundreds of strands daily, but my hair was getting thinnIMG_0305er, appearing unhealthy and stringy, and wouldn’t grow longer than just below my shoulders. Seeking medical help was the next step. We checked thyroid function, iron levels, vitamin and mineral levels, stress factors, and examined my nutrition and exercise routine. We found nothing wrong with the thyroid glands. My hormone levels were indicative of perimenopause and we found nothing of significance there that would contribute to such hair loss and thinning. I started on bio identical hormones, but it only helped me with hot flashes and night sweats; nothing helped my hair thinning and hair loss.

We added more vitamins to my diet and omitted a few things, I exercised a bit more and tried meditation and yoga, yet I still had the declining, ugly, dull hair that was thinning everyday. None of the medical or non-medical attempts improved the health of my hair. I refused to believe that with modern medical technology and knowledge of human physiology, one could not come up with a solution to this problem. I couldn’t give up, as I reminisced over my beautiful, thick, shiny, and healthy hair that was no longer growing.

Being a clinical pharmacist with intimate knowledge of medicines and their pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, I decided to solve the problem myself. After much research and a thorough understanding of hair loss/hair thinning along with my expertise in pharmaceuticals, I was able to invent and begin the patent process on the first combination prescription solution ever for hair regrowth. My curiosity and perseverance on the matter of regrowing healthy hair led me to use my pharmacological knowledge to invent a new hair product and a whole new approach to hair loss and hair thinning.

My approach is based on years of research and taking into consideration the uniqueness of each individual. I design a customized hair formula, using my invention as the base and add the necessary ingredients needed for each person’s chemistry and specifics. I have a wide group of patients in my practice today. Patients that range from 16 to 85, men and women, with all sorts of predispositions and conditions, and every single one of them who has stayed with my program has regrown their own hair back. No matter what the cause of hair loss, this one-of-a-kind invention and approach to individualized patient therapy will negate and reverse most hair loss and help regrow one’s natural hair. The most amazing breakthrough in my practice came when a patient who was on a chemotherapeutic agent was loosing hair due to her condition and the chemotherapy. Instead of loosing hair, she regrew her own hair back. To know that I can help patients who go through such intense, calamitous and almost ruinous therapy to survive is beyond gratifying. It is so satisfying to put a smile on their faces while they are going through such a difficult time in their lives.

At Hair Regrowth Centers, we evaluate each patient and create a custom hair formulation according to their specific needs. We monitor them diligently and continually change their formulation to suit their different needs at different stages of their hair regrowth. This process will take place under the care of a medical professional and requires a prescription that will only be dispensed by a compounding pharmacy. We offer different treatment options for patients across and outside of United States. Please call us for an appointment.


We are Hair reGrowth Centers where we specialize in naturally occurring hair regrowth. We use a topical solution invented by Dr. Moojan Donaldson. This treatment options can only be prescribed and will take place under the care of Dr. Moojan Donaldson. We have had 100% hair regrowth in 100% of our patients thus far. In other words, every patient that has entered our hair program has regrown their own hair/eyebrows/eyelashes back. Our patients comprise of males and females ranging from 16 to 85 years old. Despite the endless number of prescription medications, hair products, solutions, remedies, vitamins, masks, and more on the market today, hair loss and hair thinning remain unsolved. What makes our hair regrowth program extremely successful, as evidenced by the before and after pictures of our patients, is the customization of this patent pending prescription compound based on each patient’s individual parameters. After a thorough hair evaluation, Dr. Donaldson formulates a specific compound based on the individual need of each patient. The customized formulation is specially designed to target hair regrowth in that particular patient. She will continue to monitor the patient monthly as long as it takes to regrow that patient’s hair. Many factors are taken into consideration before the individual formula is designed, such as patient’s age, family history, health history, concurrent conditions, medications they may be taking, vitamin and mineral status, nutritional factors, stress level, hormonal factors and more.

No matter what the cause of hair loss and hair thinning, we at Hair Regrowth Centers strive to evaluate the origin and have different treatment options for it. If a patient does not qualify as a candidate for our hair regrowth plan, we will refer him or her to the proper specialists. We understand the physical and psychological devastations associated with hair loss and hair thinning. Let us help you take the reins and change your thinning hair forever.