Alopecia is defined as loss of hair from the body.  While Alopecia usually does not affect people in a huge way (it doesn’t cause pain or premature death) it does make the person who has alopecia feel less confident about themselves as well as making them feel somewhat depressed (this does not apply to everyone affected by alopecia just most).

Alopecia can affect hair not only on the top of the head but around their entire body, and because of this alopecia is considered a hard disorder to cope with as no one likes to be less than normal.

We live in society were looks are critically important and therefore our personal appearance is not only affects our self-esteem, but it can also affect our income. Unfortunately, the hair loss of alopecia far too often produces a feeling of low self-esteem and reduced income.

The fact of the matter is that Alopecia is something that people (usually in their early 40 to late 50) have to deal with sometime or another, and until now,  all you could do was try and prevent alopecia from affecting you as long as possible.

In years past the treatments that helped with hair regrowth were quite pricy. However, there is now a very effect and rather inexpensive medical treatment that invoves the synergistic mechanisms of four differnt medications used in combination and applied directly on the troubled areas.

For the first time in history you do not let Alopecia control your life, take the reins and sign up to regrow your own hair!