"I have had 40 plus years of hair loss. I started loosing my hair in my teen years and I struggled for many years trying any and everything that was out there to help grow it back with absolute failure. I kept on loosing hair day after day. It got to a point where I started wearing a wig, because what remained of my hair was so very thin that one could see my scalp. I had given up completely when I first heard about Dr. Donaldson. I was very doubtful and suspicious about the prospect. To my complete shock, I started to regrow a lot of my hair back. The new hair was thicker and healthier too. I am so very thankful to Dr. Donaldson for giving my hair back!"


"I went to see Dr. Donaldson because I was having noticeable hair loss and hair thinning. I was so worried and scared about the future. Within just a few months of seeing Dr. Donaldson, my hairline and hair are back to normal. I am so grateful to Dr. Donaldson. Her approach to hair loss, customizing my own solution, and helping me stop this hair loss has exceeded every expectation!"


“I had stage II breast cancer and lost all my hair after chemotherapy. My oncologist told me I most likely will regrow my hair, but it may take its time growing back and even so, it may come in opposite of what it used to be. That it may even all come back gray. I heard about Dr. Donaldson through a friend who had gone through the same thing. After she started me on my customized formula, I grew all my hair back. My hair came in rather quickly and was exactly the same quality as it was before. I am forever grateful to Dr. Donaldson.”


"I had 4 hair transplant surgeries. I kept loosing the newly transplanted hair after a few months. My friend at the gym told me about Hair Regrowth Centers and his good results. It took 3 years but I maximized my hair growth and regrew all the lost hair back. Thank you Dr. Donaldson for saving me from more surgeries!"


"In addition to thinning and receding hair, I had a bold spot on the back of my head that was growing bigger and bigger. I had tried many things but nothing really helped. When I first saw Dr. Donaldson, I was so skeptical, but today I thank my wife, first and foremost, for sending me to Dr. Donaldson. Dr. Donaldson customized a specific solution for me and carefully followed me up every month. She altered my formula every time according to my hair regrowth pattern. After 21/2 years of this formula, I have now regrown more hair than I can ever imagine.
Thank you Dr. Donaldson." JH I am in my 50’s and only I knew I was losing my hair because I started out with so much hair to begin with. No one understood why I was seeking medical advice for hair loss as I looked like I had plenty of hair. I am glad I listened to my gut feeling and met Dr. Donaldson. She stopped my hair loss and helped me regrow the portion I lost. She taught me that the key to regrowing your hair effectively is catching it early on. Thanks to her, I no longer live in fear of waking up one morning with no hair on my head."

"I highly recommend Hair Regrowth Centers to anyone who has or has not tried other products for hair loss. I had tried many things before going to Dr. Donaldson and nothing helped my hair grow back or be healthy again. Unlike other remedies, this is a system that produces results that are visible and measurable. It actually worked so effectively that other people noticed the difference and started complimenting me on my hair. I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Donaldson’s Hair Regrowth Center and system changed my life and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Donaldson." JS "Everything has changed since I started using the Hair Regrowth Formula! My hair which was once thin and balding has grown back in. When I went to the hair dresser, she said it was a miracle and I couldn’t agree more. The embarrassment I felt from having thinning hair has gone away and left me more confident than ever. Without the formula my life would be very different."
"It simply works!!"

"I am noticing no hair loss after one year of using my customized hair formula. My hair feels thicker, especially on top where thinning was occurring. New hair regrowth is continuing on my scalp, especially where the thinning was before, on top and temples. I wish this treatment option was available when my hair first started to thin. Thank you for bringing my hair back. Everyone tells me I look younger. I recommend this to everyone who is noticing hair thinning. In my opinion, early recognition and treatment is key."


"Dear Dr. Donaldson,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my customized hair product! It's so easy to use and has no side effects. If it weren't for your product, I would honestly be wearing a very expensive wig!"


"I have been using hair extension for years because my hair was so unhealthy and wouldn't grow. After Dr. Donaldson customized a hair formula especially for me, I was finally able to get the hair extensions out little by little. I can't believe it is my hair in a pony tail and not the fake extensions. Thank you Dr. Donaldson for giving me my confidence back."


"I am 28 years old and the medicines I have to take caused my hair to fall. As a 28 year old male with hair thinning and light baldness, I had lost all my confidence. Dr. Donaldson helped me regrow my own hair in a fairly short time compared to my friends who were using medicines such as Rogaine and Propecia. I am able to be myself again, especially with the opposite sex. Thank you Dr. Donaldson."


"I was using Latisse to help my eyelashes and eyebrows grow. But I started to have dark rings around my eyes and the skin around my eyes started to get irritated. I started applying  "Dr. Donaldson's customized Hair Regrowth Formula" and not only did I get my eyebrows back, but also did not suffer from itchy skin and dark circles. It was easy to use and extremely inexpensive for what it did for me."


"I am at my hair stylist today (I've gone to her since 1998, so she knows my hair well) and I just wanted to let you know that she has noticed a huge difference in my hair! This is after using only 1 bottle. I have to admit that I had about a 4 week break between bottles because I forgot it when we went on vacation in February and I got out of the habit of applying it. I have restarted the product though.
My hair stylist commented that she had to mix a lot more color than usual for my hair today because I have more hair to color! The usual amount just didn't cover it all.
She was the person that urged me to talk to my doctor about the changes she was seeing in my hair. As I said, she knows my hair better than anyone because she has been styling/cutting it for 17 years.
I am very thankful for what you have done for me and will share your invention with my friends who may need this product. Congratulations on your success."


"I was losing a lot of hair each month and there was definite hair thinning on the top of my scalp and temples. I started using "Dr. Donaldson's customized Hair Regrowth Formula" about 6 months ago and I noticed within a few months that the hair loss completely stopped. In the next few months, I had small new growth around the temples and top of my hair. My hair now feels noticeably thicker. I am so pleased with this formulation. It performed exactly what it promised."


"When I was younger (I am 68 years old) I had so much hair, my hair dresser used to thin it out so I will not get headaches when I put it up in a pony tail. As I got older my hair started to thin out and in the last few years clumps and clumps of hair were falling out every week. I also started to lose my eyebrows (I don't have thyroid disease or anything causing that loss.) I had so little eyebrows I tattooed them so I won't spend all day drawing them. After using the Dr. Donaldson's Customized Hair Regrowth Formula for only 2 months, the extensive hair loss completely stopped and after 4 months of usage, my eyebrows started to grow. I have been on this formula for about 12 months and my hair is thicker, coarser, and healthier. My eyebrows are so thick and long, I need to cut them periodically. I get compliments from everyone and am extremely pleased with this product. This is truly a miracle. Thank you for changing my life."